Photograph of Michael DeForge


Hi there, I’m Michael, a designer, developer, and software engineer living in the Greater Detroit area. Here's my resume.

I love programming because every morning I get to wake up with new ideas on how to tackle the world in front of me, and then use new and exciting technologies to turn those ideas into tangible, valuable applications that make the world a better place.

My specialities include C++, C#, JavaScript, Unity 3D, OpenGL, and more.

My greatest asset is that there is no obstacle too large. If it requires new skills, I learn them. If it requires research, I figure it out. There has never been a challenge I couldn’t overcome or problem I couldn’t solve.

In my spare time I’m currently creating a cross-platform, high performance, procedural, voxel-based rendering engine using C++11 and OpenGL. I’m also searching for ways to use data in a more creative ways in order to make new connections.

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my username is @mdeforge.